The Beacon

The waves crashing upon the shore.
Winds blowing atop the surface.
A lost soul swimming against the ebbing tide.

On shore at a point of land a light beckons those are lost,
calling them to return to safe harbors.

But the storm blinds them that are adrift upon a rough sea.
Eyes seeking the beacon of life and the reassurance
as they turn toward shore.

With the wind at their backs they race Toward shore.
The flutter of sail and creak of wood as they are pushed ever on.

Unguided by any aid known to man only a since of direction
and a feel of the waves upon the never ending currents.

Alas a light upon a point of land a beacon to guide those lost souls
to safe harbors to rest before venturing forth again upon another
voyage in search of a chance to regain ones soul lost upon the sea.