The Green Flash Phenomenon

Have you ever seen it?  What is it in the first place?  I've been looking for it for many years and have yet to see it myself, but it is a very interesting phenomenon to learn about and see photos of, so I've added these links. 

 Now that I've seen the actual photos of what the green flash really looks like, perhaps I will have a better chance of seeing this phenomenon for myself.  I hope you do too. 

Let me know if you have seen The Green Flash.

  The Green Flash Article

M. M. Dworetsky, Department of physics and Astronomy, University College

 (Originally published in Gnomon, Newsletter of the Association for Astronomy, December 1995)

"The Green Flash "

Green  Flash Photos

San Diego Pictures, an online outlet for San Diego Photos and Prints

  A Green Flash from Finland

A Green Flash from Italy

These photos are all copyrighted by the artists.  Please do not attempt to copy them.  Some are available for sale as prints, see the web sites.