Compass Repair

The Compass Adjuster is an authorized Ritchie and Dirigo repair station.

Most other brands of compasses can also be repaired.  Contact The Compass Adjuster for more information.


My Compass Has a Bubble

  • If your compass had a bubble, IT MUST BE REPAIRED.  A bubble occurs because there is a leak in the compass, and like just putting air in a flat tire, the leak must be repaired before the fluid level can be restored.
  • I keep most parts for repairing Ritchie compasses in stock.  I also have parts for many other brands of compasses and can get parts when not in stock.  Danforth compasses can be expensive to repair now days because parts have become very difficult to get.
  • I have the facilities to bead blast the metal parts of your compass, before repainting them in my spray booth.  I have a polishing machine to polish the parts and screws to restore the original beautiful and shinny look.
  • I will rebuild your Richie compass to new condition, normally replacing the card assembly and magnets, the dome, the seals, diaphragm and fluid.  I can convert almost any compass lighting system to LED in either red or green and any voltage, 12V, 24V or 3V.  The compass is then submitted to an 8 hour vacuum test and an 8 hour cold test.  It is then tested to factory specs before being returned to you.
  • I can repair many other brands of compasses, although parts for other brands of compass can be dificult to get, and very expensive.
  • All parts used will be new and the old parts will be returned to you.
  • I pride mysef in being able to return your compass to like new condition when possible. 
  • For 4" and larger compasses the repair cost is normally less than the replacement cost, for smaller compasses many times it is more cost effective to replace the compass.

Antique Compass

For antique compasses, which will not be used for navigation aboard a vessel, such as for display on a table, I recommend the removal of the fluid as sealing old compass can be very difficult, if not impossible.  I can disassemble the compass and polish it to shine like a piece of jewelry.  Although expensive, this is often a very stunning way to display an antique compass.

Compass Repair
Shipping Instructions

  • Packing a compass for shipping to me for repair is not difficult but you must know that if the compass is leaking it must be securley sealed into a leak proof container or have all the remaining fluid removed before shipping companies will accecpt the shipment.  There is always a filler screw on the side of the compass bowel which when removed will allow any remaining fluid to be removed.  I will repair the compass and replace the fluid with new before returning the compass back to you.
  • Always ship a compass up side down so that the pivot and jewell is less likley to be damaged.  The absolute best way to pack a compass is to use foam packing and two boxes.  The compass goes in the first box with the packing and the first box goes into the second larger box with additional foam packing below, on all sides of, and on top of the first box.  Insure the package for the replacement value of the compass.
  • Ship via Fed-X, UPS or USPS Priority Mail to me.  Include your name, address and contact information.  I will call you after I repair your compass to get your credit card information before returning your compass to you.