Dirago Compass


Dirigo, in Latin meaning "I Guide" or "I Direct", is the trade name of the Dirigo Compass Company, which has been established in the Seattle, Washington area continuously since 1907. During this long period, many thousands of these compasses and accessories have been furnished to the commercial fleets of the world.

Dirigo Compasses are manufactured to the specific needs of commercial boat operators for a quality instrument that is rugged, accurate, and dependable, yet economical in both the initial purchase and upkeep. Every compass is handcrafted from the highest quality materials available, inspected and tested every step of the way though manufacturing and assembly processes. Dirigo Compasses are of the flat top glass configuration, as versus spherical dome compasses used by most manufacturers.

Dirigo STANDARD Marine Compasses are available in 3", 4", 5", & 6" card diameters.


  • 3" Presentation Compass: solid hand crafted finger-jointed mahogany box, polished bronze cover and gimbal. The Presentation Compass with Box is very attractive and would compliment any boat, home, or office.
  • 3" Standard Compass: w/gimbal, w/box.
  • 4", 5", & 6" Standard Compasses: w/gimbal, w/box, w/bracket, w/bracket & spheres, w/binnacle, w/binnacle & spheres.
Dirigo Marine Compass Standard Bracket with Spheres

Alnico V Binnacle w/spheres

Dirigo Marine Compass Alnico V Binnacle with Spheres

Standard Bracket w/spheres

Dirigo ALNICO V Marine Compasses are available in 4", 5", & 6" card diameters. (Two extra strength Alnico V magnets, up to 9 times stronger than standard magnets, are used for quicker, steadier readings). Internal lighting is available in 12, 24, & 32 volts.


  • 4", & 5" ALNICO Compasses: w/gimbal, w/box, w/bracket, w/bracket & spheres, w/binnacle, w/binnacle & spheres.
  • 6" ALNICO Compass: w/gimbal, w/bracket, w/bracket & spheres, w/binnacle, w/binnacle & spheres.

The Dirigo PILOT Marine Compasses (same as ALNICO V compass, with special configured base for auto pilot pick up) are available for use with most auto pilot manufacturers such as Sperry, Wagner, Com-Nav, Robertson, Furuno, Cetrek, where a heavy duty dependable magnetic compass is required to drive the pilot system. All compasses come with a light - specify voltage (12, 24, & 32). The compass base is threaded for specific auto pilot pickups (specify auto pilot manufacturer).


  • 4", 5" & 6" PILOT Compasses: w/gimbal, w/box, w/bracket, w/bracket & spheres, w/binnacle, w/binnacle & spheres.

An important consideration to choosing a compass is its repair-ability.  All Dirigo Compasses are 100% repairable. The Compass Adjuster is a fully authorized sales and service facility for Dirigo Compasses.  The Compass Adjuster provides quick turn around times for repairs and also offers competitive prices on sales of Dirigo Compasses.

Contact the Compass Adjuster to help you select and purchase a Dirago Compass